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Automotive Industry Recruiters


Our automotive industry recruiters are specialists and have decades of experience working with automotive dealerships, automotive OEMs, global auto parts suppliers (tier 1 & 2) and automotive aftermarket parts manufacturers. Ranked #1 nationally in customer satisfaction among all automotive management recruiters that our clients have worked with, our automotive industry recruiters can help you locate, recruit, assess and onboard exceptionally talented automotive executives and managers. Our industry focus includes: 

  • Automotive Dealerships, Commercial Truck Dealerships and Bus Dealers
  • Automotive Factories, Truck and Bus Manufacturers
  • Powersports OEM’s, Parts Suppliers and Dealerships
  • Global Auto Parts Suppliers, Truck and Bus OEM Parts Suppliers (Tier 1 and Tier 2)
  • Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturers

Are you looking for automotive industry recruiters to assist in replacing or adding new automotive executives? Click Here or call now 1-888-727-2010.  Our automotive management recruiters can help! 

Automotive Executive Recruiters

Since our founding in 1998, our automotive executive recruiters have conducted retained executive search and research engagements for senior level executives throughout the automotive industry. Our automotive industry recruiters know how to locate, assess and attract senior level leaders who can create positive cultural and economic change in a function or throughout an entire organization. Examples:


Recommended by a former Goldman Sachs investment banker and venture capital/private equity firm founder, our automotive executive recruiters assisted an India based, tier one powersports supplier in entering a new geographic market by recruiting a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


When the CEO of a non-profit education and credentialing organization announced his plans to retire, our automotive recruiters and search consultants advised the international board of directors on key areas of a succession/transition. This included assisting them in defining the role based upon the current and future needs of the organization, recruiting leaders currently employed from throughout the automotive industry, assessing those leaders with the search committee and advising the board throughout the CEO selection process. A new CEO was hired and within 5 years, revenue increased by 100% (14.09 CAGR) and six years into the hire, the new Chief Executive Officer is still employed.

Automotive Management Recruiters

In addition to recruiting senior level executives throughout the automotive industry, Automotive Recruiters International, conducts retained engagements for management individuals. Our automotive management recruiters have conducted multiple engagements in automotive engineering, automotive sales and marketing, automotive operations and automotive finance and accounting. Our automotive industry recruiters know how to locate, assess and attract automotive managers who can perform functional turnarounds, reduce organizational walls between departments and increase productivity. Examples:


Recommended by the Director of Global Executive Talent Acquisition at Eaton Corporation, our automotive management recruiters and researchers assisted the company in building a leadership and talent pipeline for key manufacturing leadership roles in Europe and Asia.

Automotive Dealership Recruiters

Identified, vetted and recognized among the Top Automotive Dealership Recruiters in North America, we were hired by the board of an automotive training and consulting company to advise on a succession plan for an underperforming President. Subsequently a replacement search was conducted by our automotive dealership recruiters and 7 years later the new President is still employed having delivered a stock increase of 146% (13.72% CAGR) during his tenure, while also transitioning the organization into the digital age.


Recommended by a shareholder within Trinity Accounting Group, our automotive dealership recruiters assisted a private automotive dealer in locating, assessing and on-boarding a new General Manager for an underperforming automotive dealership in the Southeastern United States. Our consulting and automotive recruitment efforts produced 5 viable leaders, which were assessed and interviewed with the client. A new General Manager was hired and within 6 months, the turnaround occurred with existing staff, minus one resignation. Within 12 months, comparative monthly unit volume had increased 300% and net profit was tracking +60% YOY.

Automotive Sales Recruiters

Our automotive sales recruiters typically conduct retained executive search engagements for sales and marketing professionals throughout the world. Our automotive sales recruiters know how to locate, assess and attract automotive managers who can increase your digital presence and grow your revenues.


Recommended by McKinsey & Company, our automotive sales recruiters assisted an Italian based, tier one automotive supplier of alternative fuel equipment in entering the North American market by recruiting a new Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Automotive Recruiters Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, South Korea and India

Our automotive executive recruiters have conducted executive engagements throughout a number of countries in the world.

Are you looking for automotive executive recruiters to assist in replacing or adding a new manager? Click Here or call now 1-888-727-2010.  Our automotive management recruiters get results! 




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